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Rates Effective April 1, 2018

If you live in the Unincorporated Washington County we will

supply you with roll carts for your garbage, recycling and

yard debris services.

                                        Residential Rates

20 gallon roll cart at the curb                         $21.09/month


35 gallon roll cart at the curb                         $22.96/month


60 gallon roll cart                                      $33.32/month


90 gallon roll cart                                      $39.40/month

Distance charges - Apply to all roll cart sizes

          (5 feet to 150 feet)                              $13.00

          (151 feet or greater)                            $20.00


Monthly will call service fee                     $ 9.24/month

*Includes every-other week recycling services

Will Call Collection Fee (per pick-up)         $ 4.44 each


Curbside recycling (every-other week) only $ 5.25/month

Every-other week Yard Debris service only $ 4.66/month

(60 gallon yard debris roll cart provided)

Every-other week Curbside Recycling &

yard debris only service                             $ 9.91/month

(60 gallon yard debris roll cart provided)


60 gallon yard debris roll cart                 $ 1.50/month

(added to your monthly bill)

Extra can/bag/box (solid waste)                    $6.25 each


Over-Capacity charge for a roll cart         $ 2.75 each

Call Back fee

(Charged when pickup is missed due

to customer error)                                          $14.17

Extra can/bag/bundle (yard debris)         $ 3.00 each

Special Pick-up                                     Call office for rates

(tires, appliances, bulky item)

Reinstatement fee due

to discontinuation for non-payment         $25.00

“NSF”/Return check fee                         $30.00

Effective April 1, 2018, a $2.00 surcharge will be added to monthly residential collection service rates.


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