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What Can Be Done?

You can help stop the illegal dumping problem by being observant and properly reporting what you see. To report illegal dumping, note the following:

  1. The specific location of where the dumping has occurred.

  2. What materials are dumped.

  3. The time of day.

  4. And if possible, a description of the person(s) doing the dumping, and a description and license plate number of the vehicle used.

Please report this information to:
Washington county Solid Waste Enforcement 503-846-8609 or contact your local city government.

Disposing of materials on public or private land is a violation of state law ORS 164.805

Illegal dumping is problem that has an impact on all of us. Not only is it unsightly to look at, it contaminates the surrounding area, posing a health risk to both people and wildlife. Discarded wastes attract vector (rats, flies and mosquitoes, etc.) which can carry diseases harmful to humans and pets. Dumped household chemicals can leak into waterways and aquifers which can pollute our drinking water and soils. Even dumped yard debris can harm the environment. Cleaning up illegal dump sites is an unpleasant task and is an expense we all have to bear.

Can I dump or bury Garbage on My Own Land?


Excessive, improperly stored, or putrescible type materials on your land are forms of illegal dumping. They can pose a significant health and safety risk.

If you compost or have a burn pile, please properly manage it. Insure that it:

  1. Poses no health risks

  2. Does not provide food or shelter for vector (rats, flies and mosquitoes, etc.)

  3. Does not create a nuisance for neighbors.

Illegal Dumping Has an Impact on You!

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