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Holiday Schedule

  1. Aloha Garbage works hard to serve all of our customers on time, even during holidays.

  2. Aloha Garbage drivers work all holidays except Christmas Day and New Years Day. If Christmas or New Years Day falls on a week day your pick up will be one day later from the Holiday through the end of the week.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Disposal Options – No Fee

  1. Yard Debris Roll Cart: there is no extra charge if the tree is in half and placed inside of your yard debris roll cart.


    1. Cut the tree in half

    2. Remove all lights and stands

  1.     If you do not have a yard debris roll cart contact our office to set up disposal of your Christmas tree.

Disposal Options – Extra Charges

  1. If the tree is at the curb and not in your yard debris cart, there will be an extra charge.

  2. Flocked trees will be picked up by the solid waste truck and there will be an extra charge.

Holiday Schedule & Christmas Tree Disposal
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