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    In Washington County, yard debris collection is included with garbage service rates and is collected every other week on the same day garbage is collected. Call us if you are unsure when your yard debris is picked up-on a green week or red week. To help you remember which week to set your yard debris at the curb, post this calendar in you kitchen, garage, or shed and circle your yard debris recycling days.



Please include in yard debris containers:

  1. Leaves

  2. weeds

  3. Grass clippings

  4. branches

  5. Prunings no greater than 4” in diameter and 36” long

Do not include in your yard debris containers:

  1. Plastic bags

  2. Garbage

  3. Food waste

  4. Plastic or wire ties

  5. Dirt, sod, or rock

  6. Metal

  7. Stumps

  8. Animal Waste

  9. Lumber

  10. Garden vegetables and fruit

Containers must not exceed the maximum weight:

  1. 120 lbs for 60-gallon container or larger

  2. 60 lbs for 32-gallon container

  3. 45 lbs for 30-gallon container

  4. 45 lbs for bags or bundles

Residential Recycling

Curbside Yard Debris

Commercial Recycling


Recycling Depot

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